Technical Guide

Coefficient of thermal expansionDIN 53752K-15,6 x 10-5
Tensile strengthDIN EN ISO 527MPa45
Barcol hardnessDIN EN 59- 60
Modulus of elasticityDIN EN 310N/mm28000
Indentation hardnessDIN EN ISO 2039-1N/mm2260
Impact resistance (falling-ball test)DIN EN ISO 19712mm (Falling height)-
Resistance to elevated temperature (long-term exposure)DIN EN ISO 13894-1°C70
Cold-bending radiusManufacturer’s standard%≥ 1000
Water absorptionEN ISO 10545-3%0,083
Resistance to dry heatDIN EN ISO 19712(180 ºC)Degree 4
Resistance to damp heatDIN EN ISO 19712(100 ºC)Degree 4
water-resistance test
DIN EN ISO 19712-pass
Light-fastness (Blue scale 6)ISO 4892
ISO 105-B02
ISO 105-A02
Grey scale≥ 4
Food-safetyEN 1186
EN 13130
CEN/TS 14234
Resistance to mould and bacteriaDIN EN ISO 846 A/C-resistant

Degree 1: Surface damages | Degree 2: Major change in gloss level and/or colour | Degree 3: Moderate change in gloss level and/or colour Degree 4: Slight change in gloss level and/or colour, only visible from certain angles | Degree 5: No visible changes

Spots, dirt and similar
surface defects
StandardUnitEvaluation - Allowed size of spotQuantity
Fine and Coarse decorsManufacturer’s standardmm≤ 0,5without restriction
Fine and Coarse decorsManufacturer’s standardmm> 0,5 - ≤ 11 Spot/300 x 300 mm *1
UNI decorsManufacturer’s standardmm≤ 0,51 Spot/100 x 100 mm *2

*1 The complete dirt area must not be >1,0mm2 per 1m2 sheet material. (For example at a diameter of 0,5mm Ø 5 spots/m2 )
*2 The complete dirt area must not be >1,0 mm2 per 1m2 sheet material. (For example at a diameter of 1,0 mm Ø 1 spot/m2 )

ThicknessManufacturer’s standardmm±0,2
Dimensions of falling sizesManufacturer’s standardmmmin. 4050 x 1200

All tests have been carried out with the decor E3-2011 at 20°C. Product-related test certificates or classification reports are available on request.

Signs of scratches and daily wear and tear are inevitable during normal use and these become more obvious in the case of high-gloss and colour-intensive decors in comparison to other decors. Especially for Elements3 Uni decors minor occasional dust inclusions cannot be ruled out due to production procedures. Colour matched adhesive available – please ask for details.